all too well: lyric breakdown part 1✩‧₊˚

hi guys! so today’s post is going to be a little different, because i am going to be breaking down one of my favourite songs ever! this is going to be quite a long post, and if it’s not for you, then that is okay, feel free not to read. i think i might do a few more lyric breakdowns, so hopefully this goes well…

i am going to be full-on breaking this down, English class style (going through connotations, metaphors, etc.), which is because i want to work on my analytical skills, as we do a lot of it in school. this is just a fun way for me to practice that, and i hope i’m not too bad at it… we shall see.

the song i am breaking down today is all too well (10 minute version)(taylor’s version) by taylor swift, and i hope you enjoy!

lyric breakdown✩‧₊˚

i walked through the door with you

this already shows the beginning of the relationship, and how the two parties were equal.

the air was cold

this sets the scene, we know it’s autumn or winter time, so it’s a sensory description. this can also be seen as foreshadowing (it was cold from the beginning).

but something about it felt like home somehow

somehow, which shows she didn’t know what felt like home, but it was probably the person she was with

and i, left my scarf there at your sister's house

this shows that she’s meeting his family, and that she felt comfortable enough to leave something there

and you've still got it in your drawer even now

this line brings us back to the present. in the lines above, it’s in past tense but you would think it’s recent, unlike this line, which tells us it’s been a while since this relationship. i think this might also tie in to the short film because at the end, you see her as an author who’s written a book about the relationship, which means she is looking back.

oh, your sweet disposition

this line shows us that Taylor thought he was ‘sweet’, and that was her first impression of him, the idea she had of him.

and my wide-eyed gaze

so for me, when you ‘gaze’ at something it’s an indication of admiration or adoration, which is what she felt toward him here. i also looked this up because i wasn’t sure if it was just my interpretation, but ‘wide-eyed’ – it reminds me of a child, which serves the connotation that she was just a child.

we're singing in the car, getting lost upstate

for me, this shows how he would take Taylor away from her normality. for me personally, it just implies that it felt unreal – dreamlike.

autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place

i loveeeee this lyric. first of all, it confirms that it was autumn, going back to those small details. it also shows that things ‘fell into place’ and everything felt right – like a puzzle put together. i researched into this lyric a bit more and it’s also a metaphor for falling in love, and feeling like everything was so perfect.

and i can picture it after all these days

this lyric brings us back to the present – looking back on the relationship. i also love it because it shows how significant every little detail was to Taylor, and how clearly she remembers exactly how it happened.

and i know it's long gone and that magic's not here no more

this shows how strongly she felt about the relationship. when you call something magic, that connotes that it is too good to be true.

and i might be okay but i'm not fine at all

this line communicates that she’s doing okay, but she’s still not over it, and he (metaphorically) killed that wide-eyed child.

cause there we are again on that little town street
you almost ran the red cause you were looking over at me
wind in my hair, i was there
i remember it all too well

i think this last line is so poignant, because with how this relationship ended, i think the ‘other party’ gaslighted Taylor? i’ll have to do more research, but that’s what i have gathered from what i know about this whole situation. anyway, the whole ‘hook’ if you will, of the song is ‘i was there, i remember it’. i think by providing us with these tiny details about how things played out (the air was cold, singing in the car, almost ran the red), she’s proving almost to herself that it was real. she was there, and that is what happened.

photo album on the counter
your cheeks were turning red
you used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin-sized bed
and your mother's telling stories about you on the teeball team
you told me about your past thinking your future was me

this whole verse – oh my goodness. she remembers all those things about his past – she was trying to learn about his past so she could be his future. she even remembers how big his bed was as a child! like wow.
i think the last line is what got me in this verse, because she felt special getting to hear those stories and memorised them, which shows she really believed he was going to be with her forever. why would you memorise all those things about someone if they weren’t forever? and also, i am not quite sure if she just assumed that he wanted to be her future, because there are times when someone hasn’t said something to you, but all their actions show it? like why would he tell her all about his past if she wasn’t his future?


okay, i don’t think i have the capacity for the rest of the song in this post, it’s already pretty long, but htere will be a part 2 next week! let me know what your favourite song from red is, and what your favourite lyric from atw is! see you guys next week. bye x

(i’m listening to long live on repeat and ahh the vibes)

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