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Hi! I’m a human living anonymously on Earth, but you can call me Shiny787🤍! I’m a 12-year old girl living in the UK. I have 3 blogs (including this one), and I love blogging, art, and science. Weird, I know. This blog is basically going to be me deep-diving into aspects of life! If you have anything you want me to talk about, go over to my Contact page. ❤ hope you stick around!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Shiny787🤍. A few things about me; WordPress always autocorrects my name, I love planning and staying organized, I’m an early bird, I love blogging and interacting with my readers, and I really like art too, specifically bullet journalling, which I share on my blog MeWrites. I have another blog too, My Interrupted Life, which is where I share lifestyle posts. I hope you like my blog! ❤

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